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Elite Cash Wire Cash Affiliate Specifications And Terms 
You Automatically Agree To When You Register To Become An Publisher

Field names and acceptable values for posting (api) publishers

The absence of any required field (Required) will result in an error. If you don't collect the data needed by a required field, contact us for instructions. An exception is 2nd reference, for which you may copy the 1st reference. Preffered fields (Preferred) may be omitted, but doing so could reduce a lead's chances of finding a buyer. Optional fields (Optional) can be omitted without effect.

Note, The tier code is case-sensitive and must be included as tier=tierE ,tierD ,tierC ,tierB , tier=tierA , tier=tier1 etc and so on..

Field Contents Values Allowed Required?
tier   tierF,tierE,tierD,tierC,tierB, tierA, tier1, tier2, tier3, tier4, tier5, tier6, tier7, tier8, tier9, or test Required
promo_code EliteCashWire provided code ex. 123 Required
sub_id Code of your choosing for your own tracking purposes ex. 123-ABC Optional
time_limit Maximum number of seconds (not milliseconds) you will wait for a response. Default is 15. Integers only, no decimals. Optional
REMOTE_ADDR Lead's IP address Dotted quad notation, ex. Required
firstname     Required
lastname     Required
gender   M or F Preferred
address     Required
city     Required
state   Two captial letters (NY, CA, etc) Required
zip     Required
rentown Residence type rent or own Required
years_at_Address Years at current address 0 or more Required
months_at_Address Months at current address 0 ... 11 Required
email Email address All email addresses except (.gov or .org) Required
homephoneNumber Home phone number Exactly 10 digits, no (), -, or spaces Required
altnumber Alternate phone number Exactly 10 digits, no (), -, or spaces Required
celnumber Cell phone number Exactly 10 digits, no (), -, or spaces Optional
dob_month Date of birth, month 01 ... 12 Required
dob_day Date of birth, day 01 ... 31 Required
dob_year Date of birth, year Exactly 4 digits Required
ssn Social security number Exactly 9 digits, no dashes or spaces Required
license Drivers license number   Required
licensestate Drivers license state Two captial letters (NY, CA, etc) Required
uscitizen US citizen? yes or no Required
currentlyemployed Currently employed? yes or no Required
shifthours Number of hours worked per day 0 ... 24 Preferred
shift Work shift day, evening or swing Preferred
companyname Name of employing company   Required
jobtitle Job title   Required
employerphoneNumber Work phone number Exactly 10 digits, no (), -, or spaces Required
datehired_month Hired, month 01 ... 12 Required
datehired_day Hired, day 01 ... 31 Required
datehired_year Hired, year Exactly 4 digits Required
supervisor_name Name of supervisor   Preferred
mainIncome Main source of income Benefits or Job Required
checkDeposit How pay is received Check or Deposit Required
payPeriod How often pay is received Weekly, Bi_Weekly, Monthly or Semi_Monthly Required
takehomepay Aggregate monthly pay No $, commas, or decimals Required
paydate1_month Next paycheck, month 01 ... 12 Required
paydate1_day Next paycheck, day 01 ... 31 Required
paydate1_year Next paycheck, year Exactly 4 digits Required
paydate2_month Paycheck after next, month 01 ... 12 Required
paydate2_day Paycheck after next, day 01 ... 31 Required
paydate2_year Paycheck after next, year Exactly 4 digits Required
Mil_AMD Currently serving in the military? 1 for yes, 0 for no, or -1 for unknown Required
activechecking Has an active checking account? yes or no Required
bankName Bank name   Required
bankabaRouting Bank routing number Exactly 9 digits, no dashes or spaces Required
bankaccNumber Bank account number   Required
years_at_Bank Years they've had the bank account 0 or more Preferred
months_at_Bank Months they've had the bank account 0 ... 11 Preferred
loan_count Number of outstanding loans, not the amount 0 or more Preferred
loan_amount Request loan amount, in increments of $100 100 ... 1500; no $, commas, or decimals Preferred
reference_name1 Name of 1st reference First and last name, seperated by a space Required
reference_name2 Name of 2nd reference First and last name, seperated by a space Required
reference_phone1 Phone number of 1st reference Exactly 10 digits, no (), -, or spaces Required
reference_phone2 Phone number of 2nd reference Exactly 10 digits, no (), -, or spaces Required
reference_relationship1 Relationship of 1st reference friend, coworker, parent, sibling or other Required
reference_relationship2 Relationship of 2nd reference friend, coworker, parent, sibling or other Required
otheroffers Interested in other offers? yes or no Required

Pricing for organic traffic to Elite Cash Wire affiliate links range from $60-$100 per accepted lead depending on your agreement with EliteCashWire.com.  Email victor@elitecashwire.com or call 718 938 1203 for your payout rate per accepted cash advance application in the USA.

Additional Requirements

To be considered for an accepted loan, a customer must:

  • Reside in the United States
  • Be employed
  • Make $1000+ per month
  • Have a bank account, except for those in: Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia, or West Virginia
  • Be accepted by one of our lenders within the USA and redirected to their lenders page.

Common mistakes for api publishers

  • Values for the tier field include the word "tier", ergo tier=tier1 is correct, while tier=1 is not.
  • Values must be URL encoded. For example, james.doe@example.com should be james.doe%40example.com and 4 Pennsylvania Plaza should be 4+Pennsylvania+Plaza.
  • All field names and explicitly allowed values (years_at_Address, rent, Deposit, etc.) are case-sensitive.
  • Passing unlisted values (for example: family for reference_relationship1) will result in errors. Likewise, do not pass empty fields, instead omit the fields.
  • Paydates must be in the future (today is 11/29/2011), but within 33 days. If either date falls on a weekend, it will be automatically adjusted forward to the following Monday.
  • Out-of-range or logically impossible values, like months_at_Address=100, or years_at_Address=100 when dob_year=1980, will fail.

Posting URLs

Our testing address is https://www.elitecashwire.com/post_test.php, and our live address is https://www.elitecashwire.com/post_process.php. Please do not begin posting to the live address until our tech has manually verified your test data (in addition to our automatic validation process), and we've explicitly notified you that your campaign has been activated within our system. Any leads posted to the live address while your campaign is still in test mode will return an error and neither be counted nor returned.

* Any lead posted in test mode would not be considered as live lead, Hence no payment would take place either.


You agree to send all Elite Cash Wire approved invoices to fran@elitemate.com after you confirm the final billable stats with sarahk@elitecashwire.com.  All final billable stats must be confirmed with Sarah Kramer sarahk@elitecashwire.com each month.  EliteCashWire.com will only send payments after the invoice is confirmed with sarahk@elitecashwire.com. Elite Cash Wire pays net 30 terms monthly on invoices that reflect its real time stats minus any lender lead returns.  All final stats are deemed by EliteCashWire.com's support team and no other contract will supersede EliteCashWire's final numbers on billable stats.

Responsibilities The affiliate shall be solely and exclusively responsible for any and all expenses incurred in conjunction with his or her referrals. This includes, without limitation:

i)        Advertising, Marketing, Legal and Promotional Costs

ii)       Personnel as he or she deems appropriate

iii)     Any and all expenses attributable to the clerical operation of their respective referral service such as, but not limited to, rents, taxes, telephone bills, copies, faxes, postage, stationary, forms, fliers, etc.

iv)       Conducting such referral business utilizing the "EliteCashWire.Com" Name and Mark in such format and manner as may be authorized in writing by the Company. The publisherr understands that the "EliteCashWire" name and logo are valuable and agrees to use them only in ways authorized and satisfactory to the Company.

v)        Under no circumstances shall the Contractor obligate EliteCashWire or EliteMate.com for any liabilities whatsoever.



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