Most people have cable and virtually everyone is connected to the internet. But sometimes you may not use one or both as often and can feel stuck with a monthly bill of over $100. Here are a few ways to lower that situation and start using those extra $$ for something else or just save them.

1) Do you really watch all those premium channels like HBO, Showtime Cinemax, etc.? If not, contact your cable provider and change that deal now!

2) Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. The power of getting what you want usually starts with how effective you are as a communicator. You would be astonished at the types of things people get adjusted just by asking and if the going gets rough, by just letting them know their services will no longer be of use to you since another provider is offering something better. Try it and be assertive. The worse thing that can happen is nothing. And if that goes sour, go to the next step.

3) Look for promo codes. You would do it for anything else you shop online for so why not now. Check out some here or just do what everyone else in the world does: Google it.

4) I know, you may not need all these services but sometimes switching over to the infamous Bundle package can actually make a difference or end up costing you the same you would pay for a single service. Assess your needs and perhaps use the phone service for business or as a second line for people you don’t quite care to reach you.

5) You can purchase your own router but beware, you are fully responsible for any kinks.

6) Last but not least, you can just take a month or two or more off of cable and just get Netflix(if you don’t already have it) for $7.99 if you some need awesome visual stimulation.

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