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This privacy policy is effective as of February 12, 2021.

HelpWithMyDebts does not provide debt related services, but rather is a matching service that seeks to connect consumers with unrelated companies that provide debt or credit related services. HelpWithMyDebts takes no responsibility for the quality of the services you may receive.

By registering at this site, you agree that this act constitutes an inquiry and/or application for purposes of telemarketing laws, and notwithstanding that your telephone and/or cell phone number may be listed with the federal Do-Not-Call Registry you expressly opt-in to HelpWithMyDebts.com (c) permit us, our Clients and other third parties to contact you pursuant to the business relationship we have established using the information you provided to us for any purpose such as contacting you by e-mail address, phone and/or cell number (including use of automated dialing equipment), text (SMS) message or any means of communication for any purpose that, among other things, your wireless device may be capable of receiving (e.g., mms, video etc.).  You can opt out at any time but submitting your email or telephone number here

Once you have completed this expression of interest, your information will be sent to participating debt specialists. One or more participating debt service providers will contact you by telephone. Your information may also be sent to other service providers. By submitting your expression of interest, you are consenting to receive telephone calls even if you are currently on the do not call list.

HelpWithMyDebts seeks to connect consumers with companies that provide a variety of debt or credit-related services. Claims regarding potential results above may apply to one type of service but not another. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, claims regarding: amount of or time frames for debt reduction, reduction of fees, interest, interest rates and effect on creditor calls. Claims regarding potential reduction in payments refer to the aggregate of all payments, and not a reduction in individual monthly payments. None of these services assume or pay your debts for you. With the exception of the initial consultation, debt related services are not free. Not all consumers may be eligible for debt reduction.

HelpWithMyDebts does not provide tax, legal or investment advice. Debt or credit related services may or may not meet your needs, and may involve risk. Creditors may continue debt collection efforts, including phone calls, letters, collection agency referrals and lawsuits. Your credit score may be adversely affected. Always seek financial advice from qualified financial and legal advisors, and read and understand all enrollment materials carefully.

The specialists are from companies or industries that may require licensing, bonding or registration in order to lawfully do business in your state. HelpWithMyDebts encourages you to check with the appropriate agency to be certain any requirements are being met.

The Federal Trade Commission publishes articles at www.ftc.gov that you are encouraged to read, including: http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/conline/pubs/credit/kneedeep.htm.

Individual program results may vary, and programs may not be available in all states.

NOTE: MindBodySoul Media Inc is a third-party with a business relationship with the owner of this website. MindBodySoul Media Inc has no control over the activities of the owner of this website or any affiliates thereof.

Recorded Calls: By subscribing, you are providing your express written consent to be contacted by MindBodySoul Media Inc ("MBS MEDIA Inc") via prerecorded telephone message at the number you provide for purposes of the Amended Telemarketing Sales Rule (16 CFR 310 et seq.), and the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (15 USC 96), as amended from time to time. The calls you are agreeing to receive include special offers for goods and services offered by third parties through the SOS, which are not sold by or through MindBodySoul Media Inc. You are subscribing to receive calls only from MindBodySoul Media Inc, and only at the specific number(s) you have provided to us. Your consent will be effective if the number you have provided is a home, business, or cell phone line, or if the number is registered on any state or federal Do-Not-Call (DNC) list as of the date of this consent. MindBodySoul Media Inc reserves the right to refrain from calling any number registered on a DNC list in connection with its sweepstakes and any other promotion. You can opt out anytime from all advertising from HelpwithMyDebts, MindBodySoul Media Inc and EliteCashWire here

To unsubscribe: You may cancel your SOS subscription and revoke your consent to receive calls at any time by either (a) utilizing the opt-out procedure on this page; (b) by sending an e-mail that includes your telephone number to support@elitecashwire.com; or (c) by sending a written request to EliteCashWire.com, 138-07 82nd Drive, Briarwood, NY 11435.

We may take a reasonable period of time (up to seven days) to process cancellation requests. If you request the cancellation or modification of your subscription, such information may be retained for a period of time in our backup systems as a precaution against system failures. Some information may be retained for longer periods as required by law, contract or auditing requirements.

This Privacy Policy Was Updated 2/7/2021.

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