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Emotional money

Do you find yourself using money as an emotional bandage? If so, find out what those hidden emotions are and how to tackle them here.

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Want to know four amazing secrets to making and sticking to your money resolutions for the new year? Click here

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Zach Klein, co-founder of Vimeo, Svpply and CEO of DIY elaborates the why single careers are over and on the significance of starting a business that you see nurturing for the rest of you life in this interview with Dorm Room Tycoon here.

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07  Jan

What an excellent read!! Straightforward and extremely transparent, Marc Ecko (fashion designer, entrepreneur, investor, artist, and philanthropist) tells you his story of becoming an entrepreneur from the beginning. He holds nothing back - from his youth which was the platform for what developed into his first business venture, to the expansive(and very expensive) mistakes made to the bullshit and politics of marketing & branding that no one ever writes about to his currently lucrative multiple businesses. Marc shares it all and reminds us that with tenacity and creativity, even the most insurmountable challenges in business are just the other side of the coin to massive success. Fun, informative, refreshingly honest - this book is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Check it out here.

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Before The Secret, before being a lifecoach was an actual career option, before all the wannabe self-help gurus there was Tony Robbins-motivational speaker, author, master of transformation. In a recent interview with Entrepreneur.com, Tony elaborates on what he calls the 7 ‘forces’ of business mastery. If you have your own business, plan on launching one or even are looking for ammunition to kick off one of your new year goals, please check out this interview here. May the force be with you.

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David Hieatt, founder of Hiut Denim Co., DoLectures and a gastropub in Cardigan, North Wales called 25 Miles. This brilliant and experienced entrepreneur shares some very valuable insight on business here.

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11  Dec

If you own your business or that is one of your goals, hiring and firing will also be on the agenda. Although some people have diligently created the perfect interview questions in the quest for a perfect employee match, sometimes the inevitable happens. Read here on the 3 toxic type of employees you need to fire immediately before the poison spreads.

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You may be getting a Christmas bonus or not but it doesn’t require alot of cash flow to invest in stock options. As a matter of fact, those random pennies you have in that jar can be a great start. I’m sure you’ve heard the mind blowing stories who bought a few shares of companies like Apple, Google, Yahoo, etc, only to become instant millionaires as a result. The worse thing that can happen is nothing. So click here for more information on moving forward - and possibly winning in the end.

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5 things your bank teller isn’t telling you here.

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In an era where cash still rules everything around me, everyone is still trying to figure out how to make a dollar out of fifteen cents. So here are five ways to create a little extra economic freedom:

1) Rent out your apartment: $700-$1,000 for a week. People feel like they are getting a deal when they get a room for less than $200 a night so imagine a fully furnished apartment! Backed up on bills or just need a break, stay with a family or close friend for a week and cash in when you get back home.

2) Still haven’t worn that clothing item with the price tags or have a piece of jewelry that you’re just not that into anymore or anything in good condition or relevant(concert tickets, etc.) Well I know you are probably aware of Ebay and Craigslist but it’s interesting to me how many people NEVER use these virtually free portals yet complain. So deem this as a reminder. It’s so easy – take clear pictures with your phone, think of a reasonable (and negotiable) price you would like to sell for, a quick description and post. The worse thing that can happen is nothing. The best thing that can happen is more money for you.

3) Love to cook? Well then bank off of it. There are tons of people with loads of money who are dying for you to cook something flavorful for them because they either don’t feel like it or can’t. Create an amazing menu with a few scrumptious, healthy items. Create business cards and start putting your magic spell out there. Someone (or a family) out there is too busy (or lazy or just suck at cooking) to make a dinner tonight and is waiting for you to make that mouthwatering meal.

4) They say you teach best what you need to learn the most. I say you teach best what pays you the most. Have a skill? Know how to play an instrument, play pool, dance, lose weight, swim, build a website, etc? Teach lessons or workshops or a group of 5 at a time and get paid. Are you a great writer? September is right around the corner and so are the college students who will hunt you down if you put yourself out there. Or are you one of those super handy individuals who can make laying down tiles or grouting a floor look as easy as making j-e-l-l-o. Hello! You better act like you know and let the world know your skills or teach someone else how to do it. Either way, most people crave being better at something. All you have to do is alert them to your availability. Get on your grind because someone else is cashing in on something that you have the same level (or better) of familiarity with while you are unhappily struggling for a measly paycheck. Get to it and don’t be afraid to ask for what you are worth. We live in a society where people believe the more they pay for something, the more significant the value. The last time I paid for a workshop it cost $395 per person and the very blunt facilitator at one point let us know that he just sprung $30,000 from us – in one day. Yes- no lie! Real talk, figure it out. Why can’t it be you?

5) Last but not least is the entrepreneur. You have that brilliant idea, that phenomenal product, that ‘thing’ that you believe in. Let us believe it too. You’ve run it by your family, friends and even co-workers. Make it happen or guess what? Someone else will. My friend had a great idea for a lingerie boutique in the Dominican Republic since she knew the market as well as the demand at the time. Well she talked about it more than she was being about it and now her ‘friend’ has opened up the same exact boutique she conceptualized. Grimy, yes. Unfortunately no one truly cares about the sob story or the “I was going to do that” chatter. Like Tony Montana said, “The world is mine.” Act as if it is and watch what happens. Stop the over thinking. You can do it – the Universe is just waiting on you. Carpe Diem

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