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25  Nov

DIY.org is a site co-founded by Zach Klein and Isiah Saxton, challenging kids to be creatively confident and try new things by teaching them new skills. It is wonderful in my opinion for both youth and adults. As we get older, we can become jaded and fearful of change. Here’s to stepping outside the box – one project at a time. Check out their mission video with the Collaborative Fund here in an article for Fast Company. Also, check out the actual DIY site here.

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Check out this episode of Small Empires as Alexis Ohanian speaks with the brilliant Anthony Casalena, founder of SquareSpace here and listen to his journey from start-up to testing limits in the art of entrepreneurship.

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You may be getting a Christmas bonus or not but it doesn’t require a lot of cash flow to invest in stock options. As a matter of fact, those random pennies you have in that jar can be a great start. I’m sure you’ve heard the mind-blowing stories who bought a few shares of companies like Apple, Google, Yahoo, etc, only to become instant millionaires as a result. The worse thing that can happen is nothing. So click here for more information on moving forward – and possibly winning in the end.

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the bootstrapper's bible

The Bootstrapper’s Bible by Seth Godin. The whole book here!!

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18  Nov
Desire and Destiny

Any successful person knows that there is a spirituality to abundance. Some talk about it, others don’t. Well, Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra have teamed up and are offering a free 21-day meditation experience to all. If you are interested in registering, you will not be disappointed plus what have you got to lose? Oh yea, the shackles of resistance holding you back from truly living..lol..check it out here.

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18  Nov
The Converted

The Converted is a new way to convert currency and other units on the iPhone and iPad. Perfect for quick, a-glance conversion.

Download The Converted now from the App Store now.

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12  Nov
Rich Dad Poor Dad

rich dad poor dad

This book was absolutely one of those books that inevitably shift the course of your life regardless of your economic status. It is one of those that paint your soul with hope and colors your financial outlook with inspiration and direction. If you have never read it or did and crave the huge dose of motivation provided, click here to read the PDF copy now. Warning: It is powerful and you will be driven.

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