People with higher levels of testosterone are more likely to be aggressive. Lack of impulse control can make someone fly into a fit of rage or become aggressive rapidly. As a whole, alcohol use naturally heightens emotions, and for people who are predisposed alcoholic rage syndrome to aggressive tendencies, it can quickly make bad scenarios worse. While anger can underlie aggression, you can be angry and not aggressive or aggressive without being angry. Extreme happiness, or euphoria, is another common experience during drinking.

How Alcohol Works Affects Your Behavior

The inability to control anger when under the influence of alcohol can strain relationships, causing significant problems between partners, friends, and family members. Stress, trauma, and adverse childhood experiences can contribute to the development of alcoholic rage syndrome. People who have experienced high levels of stress or traumatic events may turn to alcohol as a coping mechanism and may be more prone to anger and aggression as a result.


By this point, they seem to be unaware of their alcoholic rage actions. When dealing with, it’s crucial to recognize the signs and seek help for yourself or your loved one. You don’t need to navigate this difficult journey alone – compassionate support is available. Besides personal and relational consequences, alcoholic rage syndrome also has a negative impact on society. Increased rates of aggression and violence can lead to higher levels of crime.

Individualized, evidence based treatment, to fit your needs.

  • If you feel uncomfortable talking to a GP, you can directly approach your local drug treatment service or seek support through the Frank website or helpline.
  • Extreme happiness, or euphoria, is another common experience during drinking.
  • Anger is an intense emotion you feel when something has gone wrong or someone has wronged you.
  • They are best for people who have a high motivation to recover, but cannot leave their responsibilities at home, work, or school.
  • Let’s delve into the relationship between alcohol and anger, and explore ways alcohol-related rage can be prevented.
  • In Singapore, out of 253 homicide offenders, 141 individuals (56%) were suffering from AUD and 121 offenders (48%) drank alcohol within 24 h preceding their criminal offense (Yeo et al., 2019).

Alcohol is known for its ability to amplify emotional expression and inhibition. While it may seem like anger is the most common emotion caused by alcohol, it may not be that straightforward. Also, scheduling personal time to allow you to lower stress may help you to better handle an upcoming stressful or frustrating situation. After you start treatment, follow the plan and practice the skills you learn.

The Connection Between Alcohol and Anger

  • Understanding the triggers and warning signs can be crucial in helping you or a loved one manage this condition and seek appropriate treatment.
  • While alcohol is a known factor in triggering rage episodes, it is important to note that it may not be the sole cause.

Alcohol consumption may also lead to a rage response because of expectations, according to researchers (1). For example, if a person goes into a drinking experience with the expectation of alcohol helping them pick a fight with a partner later, that’s then likely to happen. Additionally, more than three-quarters of study participants with the gene had mood disorders, personality disorders, and mood swings (10). A small 2015 study published in Translational Psychology investigated the role of this variation in impulsive and aggressive behavior while intoxicated (10). Drinking can have a relaxing or anxiety-relieving effect by mimicking the “chill-out” effects of GABA. At the same time, alcohol hinders the neurotransmitter glutamine, which has a stimulating effect.

alcoholic rage syndrome

Medical detox is typically considered the optimal method for allowing alcohol to safely process out of the body while under continual medical supervision. When people have difficulty controlling impulses, trouble regulating their emotions, or may present a danger to themselves and/or others, medical detox is required. Medical detox programs are often the first stage in a comprehensive addiction treatment program. These programs usually last 5-7 days on average and commonly use medications to manage difficult physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms. On the flip side, alcohol dependence commonly leads to significant withdrawal symptoms that are often side effects of alcohol addiction.

alcoholic rage syndrome

Lean on Your Loved Ones

County Alcohol Services Launch Campaign to Curb Underage Drinking – Montgomery Community Media

County Alcohol Services Launch Campaign to Curb Underage Drinking.

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