The Meaning of Life by Owen Waters

As we progress through The Shift – the greatest transformation in human history – more and more mysteries of higher consciousness are being revealed to those who search within themselves.

The very structure of God’s universe is becoming clearer than ever.

For example, we can now understand the distinct stages of consciousness that make up the universe.

These layers of awareness exist so that Infinite Being – the ultimate state of God consciousness – can explore life through our eyes, our ears, and all of our senses.

Infinite Being is the all-encompassing consciousness from which the universe was created.

Everything in the universe is made of consciousness. Just as each snowflake is unique, so is each person.

Your primary purpose in life is to experience life from one individual, unique point of view.

You are an expression of Infinite Being as it experiences itself from all possible viewpoints.

We are all – each and every one of us – aspects of the One as it views itself from an infinite number of viewpoints.

The adventure called life is how we explore, spiritually blindfolded, within the theater of life, searching for the lost link that will lead us back to that from which we came.

Life is a game. A grand game.

As a game, it can be examined and better understood. Then, it can be played better.

The purpose of the game is to grow through experience.

The end result of infinite growth is to realize our oneness with the underlying source of all reality – that of Infinite Being.

Therefore, the meaning of life is growth in consciousness.

This article was written by Owen Waters, author of the e-book, “Discover Your Purpose in Life.”

This ground-breaking e-book will not only show you how to discover the purpose of your inner being and your own destiny, it will take you on a voyage of inner discovery.

On this journey, you will pass through the layers of what used to be unsolved mysteries.

At each step, we will go deeper still, always using the question “why” to go deeper still, until we reach the final layer and discover the answer to the ultimate mystery in life.

Just imagine what it will be like to wake up every morning and know that you hold the key to the very reason for life itself.

Not just to your own purpose, but the master key to the very reason for the existence of the universe!

When you gain this profound depth of understanding, imagine the sense of purpose and destiny that will be yours each and every day!

Discover your own unique purpose in life now. See how it fits in perfectly with the natural flow of the universe and even with the original reason for life itself.

Your journey of discovery is waiting.

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