Optimal Health Codes Activation Module

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Announcing the New Optimal Health Codes Activation Module

The Optimal Health Codes is an activation-packed program designed to support you toward achieving and maintaining optimal health and embodying your Divine Right to vibrant health and support on all levels of your being.

Mankind has been stuck in mass consciousness beliefs in powers that threaten the body, which has engendered fear of the environment, aging, viruses, illnesses, and so forth.

But this is not the reality of God.

Our body is a microcosm of the universe, containing the immense power and potential in all of creation, and it is support the indwelling, evolving consciousness to a state of immortality.

The nineteen activations in the module, which provide a strong foundation of health, will help to:

· Ensure a minimal state of harmony and proper functioning at the cellular level,

· Reprogram all erroneous belief in illness,

· Clear all unhealthy imprints from past body abuse, clear all tendency to allergies,

· Evolve the body in a manner that it becomes immune to toxins in the environment and food and able to transmute all ingested substances to benign or life-enhancing food,

· Restore healthy instincts for food and eliminate the tendency to overeat or eat a toxic diet,

· Heal your relationship with your body,

· And more.

Who Can Benefit

· Anyone wishing to achieve greater health and vitality

· Anyone wishing to evolve the body and be able to hold a continually higher frequency

· Anyone wishing to achieve immunity to environmental and food toxins that deplete life force energy

· Anyone wishing to lose weight

· Anyone wishing to enjoy a high energy level at all times

· Anyone wishing to heal their relationship with their body

Visit the Inner Mastery Tools Website, at

http://elitemate7.hhologram1.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=SCORPIO2 for more details or to order the module.

In light!

Anita, Bill & Rama

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