YOU are a Being of Infinite Potential!

You Are a Being of Infinite Potential

Written for the article series for the Inner Mastery Tools Email list.

You Are a Being of Infinite Potential

By Anita Briggs, DCEd, MSc, DAc.

In this article series has been repeatedly expressed that you are a being of infinite potential. While that is certainly a lovely thought, unless you grasp its meaning and allow it to impact on you consciously, it will simply remain a concept without power.

Potential is defined as existing in possibility and capable of development into actuality. That your potential is infinite means that it is has no bounds or limitation—it is beyond measure, without beginning or end, and beyond all constraints and conditions, including time and space. This is a very big idea to take in! Your potential—what you are capable of developing into actuality—, is beyond any condition that may be present in your life, as well as beyond all constraints imposed by existence in time/space. Few of us actually dream beyond conditions of life, let alone beyond time/space.

We’ve also said that you are the pinnacle of creation; Rudolf Steiner has expressed it as humanity being the religion of the gods. Furthermore, you are the microcosm, and in you is contained all the energies of the macrocosmic universe. The creation of the human being has involved participation of all the beings of the higher hierarchies, who have given up of their selves in the process. Thus we contain the seeds of all the higher beings within us.

Consider an acorn. You know that in it is contained the potential for a mighty oak tree. The potential of the acorn is immutable—the acorn could never unfold into a lion cub, for example. The seed contains the blueprint for the potential to develop into actuality. Given the right circumstances that nurture the nature of the acorn and its potential, the acorn will most surely become the oak. And beyond time and space, the acorn is the oak in consciousness. The acorn and oak are one, and both were created out of no-thing…out of consciousness, which is in-visible.

Similarly, in the human is the seed of infinitude, of beings and worlds beyond our imagination. Just as the acorn is an oak, so we are infinity…we are the macrocosm, and within the human seed is the potential for the birth of new worlds. While we may take many ages to realize this potential fully, it is occurring on higher levels already now. And while we cannot manifest instantly like the angels can within the world in which we dwell consciously, we do manifest instantly on the causal plane, for example. All our thoughts are instant creations in that non-physical realm. Everything that we do from the love that we are is an eternal reality at some higher level of existence, and we will be united with our creations in the course of our evolution. “From the love that you are” has also been stated repeatedly. Love is all there is—it is all that is real, and thus love is consciousness. Everything that you create from pure consciousness has eternal life in creation. Pure consciousness means consciousness without conditions…consciousness that springs from no-thing—it is relative to itself only and so is absolute. You are a creator from the point of consciousness that is beyond all conditions, and from that point of no-thing, you are a being of infinite potential. Prime Creator, the Absolute, has chosen to express itself through your individuated, pure consciousness.

And like the acorn that needs the proper circumstances that support its nature in order to express the oak, so we need the right circumstances to express our infinite potential. Those circumstances are not external conditions, per se, but rather have to do with an nternal state of being that is pure consciousness, which will generate the right circumstances to support and nurture our infinite nature. From the invisible state of absolute consciousness there will appear circumstances that will envelop us and nurture the substance of our very being. We must dwell in the love that we are in order to express this love in infinite formations. And just like the acorn cannot become other than the oak, so too, when we embark on our path of growth, we cannot become other than creator of infinite love and beauty.

Some of these ideas are simply and wonderfully expressed in the book by Tulshi Sen, Ancient Secrets of Success for Today’s World. In this book are revealed four eternal principles that were taught in the mystery schools. Interestingly, these four principles are ones that I have put forth repeatedly through my writing and in trigger affirmations, and is the basis of the teachings in the Spirituality of Wealth Program ( and the Prosperity Codes Series(

In the next article, I will present a powerful analogy from the book that will help you to understand your being in relation to your circumstances, and the four eternal principles for daily contemplation that will deepen all the principles put forth in the article series and which have served as foundational principles for the Inner Mastery Tools.

Below are trigger affirmations (that will activate the Affirmation Enhancer Tool for you) that contain powerful principles that will lead you to deepen your sense of self. Stating them daily, in a meditative state wherein you feel each statement deeply, will prepare you to integrate the four eternal principles that will be presented next week. To learn more about the Affirmation Enhancer Tool, you may go to (

Also included is a vibrationally encoded image that will help you to access and activate your sense of infinite being and potential within. Look at the image for a few minutes a day for about 3-5 consecutive days, and glance at the image frequently thereafter for about 3-4 weeks in order to fully integrate the encoding.

You Are a Being of Infinite Potential

I am a being of infinite potential.
I am the pinnacle of creation.
In my being is contained the essence of all the higher spirititual hierarchies.
In my being is contained the blueprint for infinite realization of beauty, goodness, joy, and wisdom.

In the love that I am, I am pure individualized Consciousness.
My mind is the center of expression of Consciousness.
I surrender my mind to Consciousness.
From the love that I am, all the circumstances emerge that will nurture the essence of my being.

I was created to express the Creator.
My Consciousness creates from no-thing…from the absolute that is beyond all conditions.

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