One Law 2

By Owen Waters

Last week, the single, all-inclusive Law of Creation was summarized as:

“The universe is one conscious being, observing the effects of its own thoughts, feelings and actions from all possible viewpoints.”

Within its definition, this law includes these underlying concepts:

1) Everything in the universe is made of consciousness. Therefore, every object in the universe is conscious to some degree.

2) Life is the interaction of thought and feeling through constant change.

3) For the universe to remain in balance, its nature has to be perfectly reflective. This means that all actions are counter-balanced by opposite and equal reactions. This Principle of Reflectance is the foundation of the traditional concept of Karma and also the Third Law of Motion in physics, which says, “To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

4) The One, or Infinite Being, is all things and, also, each individual is essentially the One.

This last concept is one that can really stretch the imagination. We are so ingrained in the idea that we are separate from other people and, yet, the design of the universe means that you aren’t just a part of Infinite Being. You ARE Infinite Being as it experiences itself from your particular viewpoint.

This is not wishful thinking. It’s the way the universe was designed. It’s physics.

What this means is that you, an apparent individual in this physical world, are connected all the way up through the stairway to heaven, or the different layers of consciousness, to your essential nature as the One.

This means that you don’t just have the potential that you were led to imagine. You have, because of who you are deep inside, infinite potential. Infinite Being has infinite potential. You, therefore, have infinite potential for the expansion of your conscious awareness in your journey all theway back home to that from which you originally came.

We are the eyes and ears of our deepest reality, Infinite Being, as it explores and discovers everything about itself by experiencing life from an infinite number of viewpoints.

It also means that any other person that you meet is essentially the same as you. They’re just wrapped in a different package of individuation for the great experience called life.

It means that, one day, all enemies will become friends after the wounds of separation have been healed by love and forgiveness. When you forgive another, you are also essentially forgiving yourself, and that is where great strides are made towards inner healing and the heart-centered unity consciousness which lies in our bright future.

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