Let me start off by saying this book is NOT for everyone.

That said, I am a huge advocate for doing what you love, what you are passionate about. While this is what we presume everyone desires, this is for people with the huevos to actually go through with it. This is for ones who choose to work smart instead of hard to reap and reap the benefits of retirement way before that bleak age when enjoying feels like – well – work. Some of the brilliant logistics described in this book are:

1) Take the risk you are considering… the worst-case scenario is far from as bad as you think, and even should it happen, you can probably recover and learn something in the process. Learn to confront your fear.

2) One of the most universal causes of self-doubt and depression: Trying to impress people you don’t like

3) Even high-profile celebrities are more accessible than you think. Find a mentor, and don’t be shy when it comes time to contact the people you need to start your own business or make a sale.

4) Find a Virtual Assistant. US or foreign-based, it makes sense to pay other people for their time so you have more of your own.

5) The goal isn’t to be lazy, but rather to focus your time on work you find meaningful while eliminating or delegating low-value work. Be productive, not busy! Apply the 80/20 rule: concentrate on the 20% of your life which produces 80% of your benefits, and eliminate the 20% of your life which wastes 80% of your time. This applies to personal relationships, clients, tasks, etc. To stay on track, several times a day, check whether you’re being truly productive.

6) Always work from a to-do list that clearly identifies top priorities, and do only one thing at a time from start to finish (no multitasking).

7) If you are entrepreneurial, start a business. Micro-test your ideas first.

8) If you are happy working for a company, negotiate for a remote working agreement at least for some of the time.

9) Plan out mini-retirements. Take some time to enjoy life.

10) Aim high with your goals, since there’s more competition in the domain of mediocre goals, plus big goals will give you the energy to push through obstacles and setbacks. At the same time, be flexible and let things unfold naturally, rather than trying to present a plan for your whole life. And in setting goals, don’t get bogged down by trying to answer big existential questions which are ill-posed because they misuse language, and likewise don’t waste time on questions for which the answer would make no difference regarding what action to take now.

And much, much more. Find out more about this excellent read that can change your life here.

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